Technical Specification :

• No. of pcs. Can be loaded (max) 210 nos

• Max size of rollers to be feed OD 50mm x 150 mm    length

• Feed rate / Hour – 1000 Rollers / hr

• Overall size of the feeder

• OD 1 Mtr X 1.0 Mtr Height

• Weight of the feeder 320 kgs

Cleaning Principle:

• The cleaning rollers needs to be cleaned with a stiff    material like metal wires without damaging the fibre of    the clearer roller.

• The special grade metal wires softly goes into the     bottom surface of the roller and removes fluff and     dust accumulated there.

• Such gentle and through cleaning of clearer roller at    regular intervals ensures longevity if the clearer roller.

The SIMTA Advantage:

• Very easy to operate & Maintain.

• Highly efficient &    fast in cleaning.

• The machine can be easily moved in between the ring    frames.

• Very low power consumption and noiseless operation.

• Compact size and unique cleaning principle that    completely removes and collect the dust & fluffs.

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