SIMTA Spindle Tapes

SIMTA, is one of the leading manufacturer of Spindle tapes from the year 1991.  SIMTA has a modern spindle tape manufacturing unit situated in Coimbatore. The spindle tapes are manufactured using quality polyamide or polyester fabric as the main raw material with excellent performance even up to 25000 RPM. SIMTA also supplies adhesives and joint press for joining the spindle tapes.



To combat the steep increase in cost and consumption, SIMTA has now developed a new energy saving Spindle Tape “S8” , the best of its kind in Textile Industry.

Advantages :

• Low Energy Consumption.

• No fibre/ fluff accumulation throughout the life.

• Constant spindle speed, minimum vibration on spindle wharves. Uniform/ consistent yarn quality.

• Suitable for S and Z direction.

• Saving 2% – 3%energy of Ring frame main motor consumption.

• Higher power transmission ability which results 2% - 3% energy saving.

• Investment payback within 5-6 months of time.

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