In the manufacturing process of textile yarns and fabrics, the importance of atmosphere control especially in respect to temperature and humidity can never be overlooked. In fact, Moisture Regain-the ratio of the moisture to the bone-dry weight of the material expressed as a percentage – directly impacts properties like dimensions, weight, tensile strength, elastic recovery, electrical resistance etc.

So it is no surprise that Humidification is rapidly gaining importance in Textile industries. And when you consider that high speed machines generate heat the need for humidification is all the more important.

That’s where we come in. Over the years we have established our reputation as the leading solution provider in the field of humidification.

We are committed not only to the design and development of humidification system but to giving customers complete solutions through highly evolved service and support. We take up projects on turnkey basis from preliminary design through final engineering and fabrication to on-site installation, testing and commissioning.

Our customer base speaks for itself. Leading textile mills both in India and abroad trusts us to deliver on the promise.







A clean environment contributes to better performance and higher productivity, especially in textile mills. Heavy dust and fibre fly can have a direct impact on the quality of the yarn.

AIR CONTROL, in answer to this need has introduced Rotary Drum Filter with high filtering efficiency and low maintenance.

This filter is made of perforated MS sheets with sturdy MS supporting arrangements. The drive for the drum filter is through 0.5 HP gear motor and the suction nozzle is connected to 5 HP high pressure suction fan. The dust removed from the filter is collected in the collection bag.

Image 1

The linear movement of the nozzle synchronized with the rotation of the drum for uniform cleaning and the nozzle is specially designed for optimum suction pressure

Image 2

The synthetic type of filter media is fixed on the surface of the rotary drum to clean the cotton fibre/dust from the department exhaust trench with high filtering efficiency and less pressure drop.





Impellers are placed in MS casing and directly coupled with motors. These impellers are made out of aluminium alloy die-casting and specially designed for high static pressure and high efficiency.

The blades are adjustable and the impellers are dynamically and statically balanced.

The different range of high efficiency Axial flow fan starting ranges from 600mm Ø to 1600 mm Ø





Aerofoil aluminium extruded leaves hosed in study powder coated MS Box with ABS linking arrangements for smooth operation to suit auto control activator. The linking arrangements are designed for opposite blades operation to precise control of air flow.





Air washer will has single/multiple bank spray systems to suit high saturation efficiency. Also available with high pressure fogg nozzles with high pressure pump to save the power of upto 50% of conventional type.

Heavy duty rigid PVC piping to avoid corrosion. The spray nozzles are made of ABS/Poly Carbonate Materials with S.S orifice and S.S Clamp for easy maintenance. They are specially designed for higher saturation efficiency.



Coimbatore Air Control systems can offer good technical support and services after installation.

Our customer support department works round the clock to solve any queries that may arise after installation. We give you a guarantee for a period of 12 months after installation.

Our leading system designers of humidification plant can provide you the following services.

Preliminary Design, Fabrication, On-site Installation, Testing & Commissioning etc.

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