Apart from sales, SLAS provides service for auto winder with a team of well- trained, skilled technicians our service involves both in plant and field service and also we do under take annual maintenance contract for Muratec Process Coner machinery.


Our in plant service cover the following:

• Servicing of retrofit system like bearing center conversion etc,

• Electronic PCB service.

• Conversion of gate photo sensors to new type sensors.


We are specialized in providing annual maintenance support for Muratec Process Coner under separate contract advantage of annual maintenance service through SLAS:

Advantages of SLAS - Contract Annual Maintenance Service :

• Proper timely service provided by skilled and expert technicians.

• Maximum service period of 24 days/ annum for one auto winder machine, covering 4    times field visits.

• Individual inspection and maintenance ensures high productivity and increases efficiency    of the machine.

• Assure consistent performance and quality in yarn throughout the year.
   Preventive steps to avoid breakdown of the machine.

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