When consistent quality on yarn extraction matters, one can choose SLAS Top Rollers for best results. Our sister concern, with state-of-art manufacturing unit, developed top roller steel which consists of high chrome and medium carbon.

The end bush is also made of alloy steel with medium carbon heat treatment is adopted on the shell and end bush, for having high wear resistance at frictional area of the shell and clamping portion of the end bush. Maintaining precise geometry on the shell and end bush, the fitment of the roller assembly of the machine frame will be perfect.

  • High productivity
  • Precise geometry
  • Resist bending and breaking
  • High wear resistance
  • Assured quality
  • Last longer

By using qualitative materials like reputed make bearings, rubber seals and reputed make cots, the reliability of the rollers are at optimum level.

We are also engaged in manufacturing of comber detaching rollers, comber draw box rollers and former roller, helping customers to achieve the best results with consistency

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